How do you develop a school curriculum?

With Victoria Triantafyllou, Assistant Principal at Richmond High School.

Victoria or rather Miss T as she’s fondly known by her students, sat down with Sue Collins aka Miss C.  Ok, truthfully, I’ve never been called that. But we did discuss school curriculum, choice in learning, and the types of programs they have on offer for the various year levels at Richmond High School.

Richmond High is in its 2nd year with Years 7 & 8.  They’ve had a unique opportunity to do everything from scratch, including shape the curriculum as they go.

‘It’s a dream’ says Miss T! 

And the plans for year 9 are super exciting, I almost want to head back to school.  Ok, that’s an overstatement but this conversation did make me think about how different my school experience would have been. And the choices I would have made if I’d had these opportunities in my education.

I’m actually feeling better about the idea of sending my kids to high school.

You can jump through to your preferred topic at the time codes below.

Time codes: 

1:15 School curriculum – How do you structure a curriculum for a new school?

2:17 A contemporary and progressive year 9 which gives choice of learning, a year long project and develops entrepreneurial skills. 

3:46 How do you go from a project based year 9 into more serious senior studies?

5:01 In this new model where year 10 is the start of senior studies, how will this work?

6:23 How do you diversify the subject offering when Richmond High is a relatively small school?

7:58 How do you bring teachers up to speed to teach in new learning environments?

9:43 Private v public school?  How do you respond to parents concerns and questions about this?

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