What does a school designed for modern learning look like?

If you live in a city that has a quickly growing population and not a lot of land to spare for a new local school, then you might be wondering how to fit one in.

I know my own mother was lamenting the fact that the City of Melbourne was putting up endless high rise appartments and not leaving any land for new community facilities like schools.

Some of us can’t even imagine how you could have a high school without lush green ovals and endless grounds!  We city dwellers should be so lucking in this day and age.

So, how do you squeeze a new high school into a high density inner city suburb? Mike went to check out the the new Prahran and Richmond High schools where they’ve managed it.  They’ve created state of the art, multi-level buildings to house their new student cohorts.  You can see the video just below.

When you put passionate architects on the job, they can reimagine and reinvent a modern learning environment.  Complete with a science lab, library, music studios, open plan student learning areas, cafe, basketball courts, computer lab and don’t forget the skateboard rack! Save & Exit

The local community comes into play with access to local swim facilities, sporting grounds and a host of alternative spaces.  The students of these new schools are not left wanting more. 

But wait, I couldn’t spot rows of desks facing a white board, endless halls filled with lockers or even a toilet block built for the masses. Can these spaces that better resemble a professional co-working space, really be a school!

What do you think? 

Does a schools size really determine its ability to educate children?  Or do we just need to change our context around ‘what does a school look like?’. 

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