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What is a good education?

Sue Collins and Mike Hill are doing a deep dive to find out what innovations are happening in Australian education to help other parents figure out what’s what.

Public schools vs privates schools? What is the difference in education outcomes? How do you choose?

We spoke to Dr David Zyngier who has done a great deal of research into this exact topic.

What sort of education does your child need to get a job in the future?

A report published by really sums up why change is so essential to the education system.

About Innovation High

Innovation High is an original web series about the future of education.


The Australian education system has become segregated through socioeconomic or academically selective schools, especially in the capital cities.  However, growing evidence suggests that this is counterproductive to the overall performance of Australia’s education standards and restricts social mobility. 


A new approach is urgently needed that brings Australian children together again under a public education system driven to innovate and excel.  The greatest opportunity for innovation in education is when a new school is being established. 


This is the story that Innovation High will tell…

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“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one learned at school”

Albert Einstein (Old Dude, Crazy Hair)

What do you think?

New School Education, or the Future of Education, affects every one of us. Our future prosperity and standing in the world depends on it. If you’re a student, teacher, parent or an armchair expert, join the conversation today on our Facebook page… That includes you Mr Prime Minister.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela (Freedom Fighter, Peace Maker, Revolutionary, Convict)

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Innovation High follows the story of Richmond High School in Melbourne as a microcosm to explore broad themes around innovation in contemporary education.


While the film series places a focus on Richmond High, it is not limited to telling stories about this school alone.  We aim to fan the flames of a national conversation and want to hear the views of students and parents around the country.  We also want to hear from thought leaders, educators and stakeholders of all types.


We would love to hear from you about what questions, topics, themes and stories you would like this series to explore…

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